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What is BitcoinGenX?
BitcoinGenX is a Masternode/PoS + zPoS Hybrid cryptocurrency forked from Bitcoin Green so inherits the Green Protocol and customized to include Zerocoin Protocol. Having developed this wallet, we aim to provide innovation and positive change to the world by promoting both eco-friendly and privacy solutions in the blockchain industry. BitcoinGenX (BGX) is truly a 2-in-1 innovative cryptocurrency aiming to change the way cryptocurrencies are perceived and how they can be beneficial to the future for financial institutions. Also, it is extremely beneficial hold BGX as the algorithm is indeed a Proof-of-stake/Masternode algo and means that the only way to mine/mint BGX coins is by holding and staking coins. The alternative route to benefit from rewards is by having enough coins for a masternode collateral. BitcoinGenX cannot be mined by GPU (Graphics Cards) or CPU (Central Processing Unit) as we believe it would be unfair for user’s wealthy in equipment to benefit more than those whom don’t have such tools available. The algorithm our blockchain is built upon simply rewards users depending on wealth and coin holding.


BGX is the sister coin of GenesisX. While both projects are related – they hold separate user-cases. As a sister coin, BitcoinGenX is related to GenesisX in both name and overall vision, but focuses on different niche in the crypto space. Both projects will be continuously developed, in unison by the same core members, for the future success of both projects. The projects will benefit each other in various ways: both in guidance and developmental strategies.


Green Protocol
The Green Protocol which BitcoinGenX inherited is Bitcoin Greens smart solution and operates via three clear and democratic processes. PoS or Masternode mining is simply a coins full node or computer wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. Only communicating with other computers on the network it doesnt require top of the line grpahics or processing power to complete its tasks. Next, the BGX reward, directly flows back into the value of BGX coin holders, in proportion with their current stake. This means coin holders make the money. Finally, a fair distribution which means those daily rewards are split equally amongst all node holders.

Zerocoin Protocol
The nature of the blockchain is such that all transactions are traceable and can be viewed by anyone with access to the block explorer. As a result a keen eye is able to follow all the transactions to specific address(es). That means it is possible to build a profile of such address(es) for whatever purpose the person desires. In most cases this is not such a big deal. But in some specific cases, such as business merchant receiving payments, it is not desirable that a random person can trace all transactions to the merchant's addresses. Zerocoin protocol allows transacting anonymously on the blockchain. This mode of transaction makes it possible for a merchant to receive payments in a trustless fashion and eliminates the issue of a random person being able to trace transactions to the merchants public address and building a profile of it.


  • Coin Name: BitcoinGenX
  • Ticker: BGX
  • Algorithm: PoS + zPoS Hybrid
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Mature Time: 6 Hours
  • Masternode Collateral: 1,000
  • Pre-mine: 500,000
  • Max Supply: 5,000,000


  • Quarter 1 2019

    • - Blockchain Launch
    • - Windows, Linux & Mac Wallet Releases
    • - Whitepaper Release
    • - Listing on 1st exchange (STEX)
    • - Listing on
  • Quarter 2 2019

    • - Market Campaign Launch
    • - Web Wallet Release
    • - Research Exchanges (Centralized & DEX)
    • - Listing on 2nd Exchange (TBA)
    • - Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Quarter 3 2019

    • - Start Exchange Build (GenXchange) - Centralized or DEX to be discussed.
    • - Start Marketing Platform Build
    • - Research and development of GenXchange
    • - Android & iOS Wallet Release
    • - Increase in Brand Awareness
    • - Website Upgrade
  • Quarter 4 2019

    • - Release Platform GenXchange (Beta)
    • - Partner Agreements with Projects
    • - Expand Development Team
    • - Exchange Listing
    • - Platform and Wallet Enhancements
    • - Release Marketing Platform (Beta)
  • Quarter 1 2020

    • - Final Exchange Platform Release
    • - Major Marketing Campaign
    • - Website Refresh
    • - Wallet Update


Project #1

Marketing Platform

The importance of digital marketing has increased drastically over the past few years since ecommerce and the web is used more than it has ever been before. Online stores and services have proven that simplicity truly is in the web and at our finger tips. For example, finding items on ecommerce stores such as Amazon and getting next day delivery is easier than going out physically and purchasing from a store. But this isn’t just about ecommerce. Every website, platform, social media, online store require digital marketing to increase their publicity and expand their online presence.

We plan to approach large corporations, small businesses and individuals, and offer these services that can bring about big savings as well as promote an easy marketing process. Over time the platform will add more tools and improvements and support all users of the services by providing tips and tricks for the usage of such services.

Our platform will include (additions will be made):

- Email/Newsletter marketing (No coding skill needed, send unlimited emails, schedule emails, create email templates plus defaults available, SMTP & PHP mail configuration options, campaigns, email group/lists, easy upload system, management)
- Social media marketing – Multi Social Network Support (auto post, schedule post, scraper, mass messaging, bot, direct messaging, campaign, information gathering, mass comment, auto retweet, auto follow, live conversion and reports)
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO tools) – (Google SERP, Bing SERP, Top Search Queries, Indexed Pages, Robots.txt, Sitemap, Submit Sitemaps, Alexa Rank, Crawlability tests, Check website current SEO, Backlink Analysis, Speed test, Top Referrers, Link Analysis, Keyword Density, Competition analysis and more!)
- SMS marketing
- Layered pop ups design and compiler (create pop ups for your website)
- Customer/Client manager system ***ADDITIONAL EXTRA***

Cryptocurrency Related (cryptocurrencies can use the above too!):

- Cryptocurrency platform (like CoinMarketCap however we will choose the coins we list)
- Have promotional offers for exchange listings and other marketing/social media marketing strategies
- Create a cryptocurrency campaign – see how many hits your website is getting, expand your exposure. Generate real results and improve marketing!
- Package discounts to cryptocurrency projects wanting to use our platform

The above will generate multiple use-cases for BGX, such as a monthly/yearly payment to use the platform. Integrate payments into email marketing, sms marketing (Example. 0.00001 BGX per email/sms sent) and pay-per-click on website links however all is to be discussed.

We believe this will be a truly remarkable platform and will benefit those who use it.



GenXchange will have two different types of exchanges linked together - Centralized and De-centralized options. We feel that it should be user’s choice whether they use either exchange but there is no harm in having both options. DEX would have its perks and so would Centralized, if you would like to know more about the differences and benefits of either type then there is A LOT of information on the web. You can see by our roadmap we are quite optimistic in the timeframe of releasing one of these exchanges (yet to be decided which type of exchange first) and we feel we can hit these timescales with the finances we hope to raise through BGX. If there were any delays to releasing the exchanges it would be purely down to lack of finances, but we have a fantastic marketing team, so we have high hopes and optimism on our side! Our exchange will be different in many ways. We will be improving the ease and simplicity of registering and using an exchange which can be treacherous on many platforms. . We want to speed up and have the best servers around to ensure fast transactions, no lag on platform and 0% downtime.

GenXchange will have a BGX pair as a main optional pair alongside BTC, LTC, ETH which will generate one of our many use-cases also BGX will be accepted as payment to list on our exchange. Yet another use-case will be the ability to pay for marketing on the exchange (banner space) with BGX. Every cost on our exchange will be payable by BGX.