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Bitcoin Generation X | BGX LTD | | Max Supply: 5,000,000 BGX | Pre-mine: 500,000 BGX | Current Reward: 0.75 BGX | Masternode Collateral: 1,000 BGX | Building Partnerships
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The Figures

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The Wallets

Web Wallet

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What is BitcoinGenX?

BitcoinGenX is a Masternode/PoS + zPoS Hybrid cryptocurrency forked from Bitcoin Green so inherits the Green Protocol and customized to include Zerocoin Protocol. Having developed this wallet, we aim to provide innovation and positive change to the world by promoting both eco-friendly and privacy solutions in the blockchain industry. BitcoinGenX (BGX) is truly a 2-in-1 innovative cryptocurrency aiming to change the way cryptocurrencies are perceived and how they can be beneficial to the future for financial institutions. Also, it is extremely beneficial hold BGX as the algorithm is indeed a Proof-of-stake/Masternode algo and means that the only way to mine/mint BGX coins is by holding and staking coins. The alternative route to benefit from rewards is by having enough coins for a masternode collateral. BitcoinGenX cannot be mined by GPU (Graphics Cards) or CPU (Central Processing Unit) as we believe it would be unfair for user’s wealthy in equipment to benefit more than those whom don’t have such tools available. The algorithm our blockchain is built upon simply rewards users depending on wealth and coin holding.


BGX LTD Company Formation

CryptoCrowdFunder is a platform created by the founders of the cryptocurrency BitcoinGenX (BGX). The founders of this cryptocurrency and platform network initiated the incorporation of the company BGX LTD in the United Kingdom on the 26th April 2019.

Board of Directors

Thomas Whitten-Morgan - Director, located in London, United Kingdom – Is a 35% Shareholder of BGX LTD. Tom originally founded a cryptocurrency called GenesisX and was running the project alongside a partner who remains with the project. BGX was originally created to be a sister coin of GenesisX however the coins decided to split and go different directions due to conflict of interest. Tom leading the way with BGX, and Chris XGS. Tom is in charge of website and project development management. We wish Chris and XGS a prosperous future.

Vivian Le – Director, located in Texas, United States of America – Is a 35% Shareholder of BGX LTD. Vivian (nicknamed Eelot) joined the project when it was created and has been here since the beginning. Eelot is CEO/Director and head of communications. Eelot has an unimaginable amount of knowledge in the cryptocurrency industry/sector and his wisdom is a force to be reckoned with.

Chris Van Houten – Director, located in Michigan, United States of America – Is a 15% Shareholder of BGX LTD. Chris joined the project in late March 2019 and has been in the crypto space for a few years learning the trick of the trade. He is very knowledgeable and is Toms and Eelots right hand man. Chris also has plenty of contacts and will put his marketing skills to use when reaching this phase for the platforms.

Seif Abaza – Director, located in Sochi, Russia – Is a 15% Shareholder of BGX LTD. Seif is a truly astounding blockchain, PHP and Web Developer with over 20 years’ experience. He works closely with Tom and Eelot on the developments of all platforms and has the patience of a saint! Seif is the master behind the in-depth coding on our platforms.

Company Registered Address

Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX

Company Registration No.


All information can be found here:

BGX LTD was created in the United Kingdom so we can legally record, declare and pay taxes on profits generated from any platforms created under the BGX LTD company name. All platforms built for BGX purporses will be under the BGX LTD name.


BitcoinGenX was founded on the 1st January 2019 by Thomas Whitten-Morgan and Eelot (Vivian Le). The project was created with the aim of developing the BGX Ecosystem. The BGX Ecosystem is the network of platforms created under the BGX LTD company name and BitcoinGenX Project. BitcoinGenX was created to be the first amongst many innovative cryptocurrencies forming networks to generate multiple use-cases and expand these.We believe that cryptocurrency is the future in the financial industry. BitcoinGenX intend to build it.


Green Protocol
The Green Protocol which BitcoinGenX inherited is Bitcoin Greens smart solution and operates via three clear and democratic processes. PoS or Masternode mining is simply a coins full node or computer wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. Only communicating with other computers on the network it doesnt require top of the line grpahics or processing power to complete its tasks. Next, the BGX reward, directly flows back into the value of BGX coin holders, in proportion with their current stake. This means coin holders make the money. Finally, a fair distribution which means those daily rewards are split equally amongst all node holders.

The nature of the blockchain is such that all transactions are traceable and can be viewed by anyone with access to the block explorer. As a result a keen eye is able to follow all the transactions to specific address(es). That means it is possible to build a profile of such address(es) for whatever purpose the person desires. In most cases this is not such a big deal. But in some specific cases, such as business merchant receiving payments, it is not desirable that a random person can trace all transactions to the merchant's addresses. Zerocoin protocol allows transacting anonymously on the blockchain. This mode of transaction makes it possible for a merchant to receive payments in a trustless fashion and eliminates the issue of a random person being able to trace transactions to the merchants public address and building a profile of it.


  • Coin Name: BitcoinGenX
  • Ticker: BGX
  • Algorithm: PoS + zPoS Hybrid
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Mature Time: 6 Hours
  • Masternode Collateral: 1,000
  • Pre-mine: 500,000
  • Max Supply: 5,000,000


  • Quarter 1 2019

    • Blockchain Launch
    • Windows, Linux & Mac Wallet Releases
    • BTCT Ann - Rescheduled for Q2
    • Listing on 1st exchange (STEX)
    • Initiate CryptoCrowdFunder (CCF) Development
    • Android Wallet Release
  • Quarter 2 2019

    • Company Formation (BGX LTD in the United Kingdom)
    • Web Wallet Release
    • BGX Whitepaper Release
    • BGX BTCT Announcement
    • CryptoCrowdFunder (CCF) Platform Release
    • CryptoCrowdFunder (CCF) Whitepaper Release
    • CryptoCrowdFunder (CCF) BTCT Announcment Release
    • Listing on 2nd Exchange (Listed on Escodex)
    • Listing on CoinMarketCap
    • Listing on
    • Initiate CryptoCamShows (2nd Platform) development with aim to release in Q3 2019
    • Initiate Marketing Campaign with new Team Member Thomas, knowing in the Crypto Community as Master of Nodes Founder
  • Quarter 3 2019

    • CryptoCrowdFunder V2 Release with more donation payment gateways and other features added.
    • Release CryptoCamShows Platform
    • Release CryptoCamShows Whitepaper
    • Release CryptoCamShows BTCT Announcement
    • iOS Wallet Development & Release
    • Increase in Brand Awareness
    • Attend Cryptocurrency Related Events in London to market and again, spread awareness.
    • Begin development on 3rd and final platform for 2019 release (we aim to release 3 platforms this year)
    • Continue marketing campaigns and aim to list on more exchanges
  • Quarter 4 2019

    • Discuss and Plan with BoD which platforms we will develop in 2020
    • BGX 3rd Platform Release
    • 3rd Platform Whitepaper Release
    • 3rd Platform BTCT Announcement
    • Continue marketing strategies
    • Continue listing on exchanges
    • Budget information release and meetings with accountant for tax return for 2019-2020
  • Quarter 1 2020

    • 2020 Roadmap Release
    • 3 Platforms we will be developing and releasing in 2020 (Announcement)
    • Website Refresh
    • Marketing strategy for year ahead (Announcement)
    • Budgets information (Announcement)
    • New Exchange Listing
    • BGX 2019 Platform Results (Announcement)


Platform #1

CryptoCrowdFunder Logo

CryptoCrowdFunder (CCF) Platform
Platform URL:
Whitepaper URL: TBA

As blockchain becomes a further established technology and a worldwide form of currency, more and more projects are developing platforms to suit these newly found enhanced currencies whether it be alternative ways to transfer and store data or producing further protocols to increase security and other features.

In our case we are developing a crowdfunding platform to further utilize cryptocurrencies and allow funding to be raised in the form of these currencies. As explained earlier in this platform whitepaper, cryptocurrencies have many benefits which fiat currencies do not have and therefore are believed to be a huge financial game changer in the future. We have previously explained all the benefits of cryptocurrencies and why it would benefit this type of platform.

We believe a huge variety of companies and organizations would benefit from this platform. One of the most noble use-cases that this platform will benefit is fundraising for charities. Whether it be raising funds for the homeless, illness charities, poverty struck countries or children in need. All charities rely on donations to be able to continue and meet their goals. There are always bull runs and profits to be made from cryptocurrency and what would be better than a platform to help the less fortunate or support climate change? Cryptocurrency donations are as beneficial as fiat currencies, both in everyday use and especially charity. A benefit of the CryptoCrowdFunder platform is the charity margin mark-up which is at an extremely low 2%. This will be used to cover costs of running the platform and the servers required to do so. The main benefit which suits all use-cases and crowd funding categories on our platform is that no financial third parties are included which allows us to keep our margins low.

Another fantastic use case produced by our platform is the ability to crowdfund business ideas, start-ups and new cryptocurrencies/ICOs. Our system allows donators to be rewarded for their donations whether it be rewards in tokens (ICOs) or a chosen product or benefit offered by the campaigner. We also offer a reward tier system. For example, you donate $100 and get 10 free tokens, $1000 you get 120 free tokens and so on. Our margin is 4% for campaigns, this does not include charities which remains at 2%.

In conclusion, our platform benefits cryptocurrencies, companies and organizations in the following ways:

  • Lower costs/margins
  • No third-party financial institutions
  • Transparent transactions – easily viewable on blockchain explorers
  • Reward systems integrated
  • Increased security and speed
  • Free marketing
  • Dashboard enabling easy financial management
  • Enhanced dashboard for campaigners to track donations and funds

Italian Trulli


Will be announced in June 2019