BitcoinGenX Announcement

BitcoinGenX has shut down due to Eelot & Grey (2 directors resigning). Tom could not then run the project solo.

We are submitting all proof of no financial gains and loses to HMRC UK via our coinbase account proof, our financial outgoes and more.

We apologise for this but there was no way to carry on the project with one director and a ripple affect of team leaving. The team have lost over $20,000 in developments and are in major loses.

The project was financially suffering since June 2019 and we have been using our own funds since then to keep the project going. Running between 20-30 seed nodes between us, running the various different websites on different servers. Both the cryptocrowdfunder and the Camshow platform on big servers and the monthly costs really did add up and was not affordable.

The funding wasn't the only factor leading to the closing of the project. Directors lost communication and disagreed how the project should be developed and progressed on.

After the resignation of Eelot & Greyfell, Tom shut down BitcoinGenX (BGX LTD) due to the fact that they (eelot/grey) still held a large chunk of BGX between them and Eelot held the premine and budget wallet - Tom tried to contact them however got no response.

We believe someone may take over the project in the future - in case this does happen - any holders of BGX please fill in the following from: